Canals – Special trait of Amsterdam

The canals and the bridges crossing them surely give tourists a chance to enjoy breathtaking scenery and seduce them to take millions of photos as they are stepping through or on boats. Those canals, besides, offer some other valuable things, according to locals.

The easiest way to wander off or travel to and fro the city is canals. Throughout three different routes there is a canal-taxi service system allowing people to get to places easily and conveniently. Tourists can experience traveling
from point to point of the city by boats. There are a lot of bout tour service providers who are locals around Amsterdam. The use of canals in this beautiful city doesn’t stop as above but expands on events and parades. This city is famous for on-water events and festivities all year round.

Lastly, houseboats are easy to be found and seen as main housing of people living here. Many of them are for rent.

Gee, it’s interesting if your life is like a boat bobbing around on water. A really great experience we must try some time.

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Arequipa – The “White City”

photo source: wikitravel

In contrary to Nazca, Puno, and Cusco, Arequipa is one of the Spanish and mestizo culture, which were developed in Peru. No Inca artifacts or ruins are found in the city. It is a part of the so called “Southern Peru Tourist Corridor”.

The weather gets warmer in the winter than that in the summer. This city has another name – the “white city” because of its sillar buildings in the area. Sillar is a white stone which was quarried  from the surrounding volcanoes: Misti, Chachani, and PichuPchu.

Embodying abundant indigenous and Spanish colonial cultures, with the 468-year history dating back to the very first day of foundation, cultural architecture (such as Catholic churches, some refurbished ancient houses as living museums) can be seen around the city center and some surrounding areas. It is a UNESCO Human Heritage site.


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Firefox slow? Limit history size for speed improvement

Firefox History Tip

My beloved Firefox seems to have gotten kind of bloated and slow lately, particularly when starting it up. If you’ve experienced a similar decrease in Firefox’s startup performance, check out this quick tip from Mac Tricks and Tips. One of Firefox’s default settings is to remember 90 days of history. This means that Firefox is maintaining a list of every site you’ve visited along with the date and time of the visit for every day from the last three months. If you’re anything like me, this can be a pretty huge list.

The tip is to simply go into the Privacy tab of your Firefox preferences and lower the history setting from 90 days to something much smaller, like 5 days. To realize immediate gains, ensure your Clear Private Data settings are set to clear history, then have at it. It may take a few moments, but once your history is cleared, Firefox should start to feel like its sprightly self again.

While the tip originated at a site focusing on Macs, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t also help when running Firefox on Windows or Linux.

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Lazy to correct writing papers

Maybe I am very active when conducting speaking or activities in my English classes, but checking students’ writing papers is really a great effort I need to give out. It’s worse if your students’ hand writing is a mess. From now on I will get my students use up the benefit of accomplishing homework online and turning it in via email.